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Part Number 0250-42133

Product Overview: 0250-42133
Poweratio 2000 High Efficiency Double Reduction Helical Worm Gear Drive
Power ratings to 5 HP
Available in C-face quill styles and shaft input
Solid shaft or hollow bore output configurations
Mechanically and dimensionally interchangeable with most major brands
Ratio range to 170:1 (nominal)

Part Number: 0250-42133
UPC: 66279822137
Description: HW2052EL 7.50 56C
Category: Gear Drives & Speed Reducers
Family: Hub City® Poweratio® 2000 Double Reduction Helical Worm Gear Drive
Model: HW2052

PLEASE NOTE: This item is being discontinued and/or replaced. Contact Customer Service to confirm inventory or interchange to replacement item. You may also visit https://www.regalbeloit.com/manufacturer-part-cross-reference for additional information regarding replacement items.

Ratio: 7.50:1
Style: EL
Frame Size: 56C
Output Diameter: 1.250
Product Type: Right Angle
Product Line: Poweratio 2000 Helical Worm
Input Diameter: 0.625
Output Type: SHAFT

Model HW2052 Dimensions Page
Model HW2052 Ratings Page

Rating Table (@ 1.00 Service Factor) (AGMA Load Class I)
Oil Input Output Efficiency%
RPM HP Thermal HP RPM Torque Thermal Torque
Conventional 1,750 5.360 N/A 233 1,330 N/A 91.60%

N/A: Not Applicable, C/F: Consult factory

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