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Model: 8S

Shaft Mounted Parallel Shaft Drive, Double Reduction
Shaft input
Standard 4-7/16" diameter hollow bore output
Power ratings to 291 input HP
Five standard ratios ranging from 5.16:1 to 29.32:1

Category: Gear Drives & Speed Reducers
Family: Hub City® Parallel Shaft Drives (Double Reduction)
Series: 8
Model: 8S

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Part Number Ratio Gear Type Output Diameter Product Type Product Line Input Type Input Diameter Output Type
20-2007997 5.16:1 S 4.000 Parallel Parallel Shaft Drive SHAFT 2.437 HOLLOW BORE
20-2007215 10.48:1 4.438
20-2006627 29.32:1 4.438

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