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Hub City Model 2212

Mina-Gear Gear Drives
Power ratings to 3/4 HP
AGMA class 9 gearing for maximum torque capacity and quiet operation
Rugged 380 aluminum die cast housing for maximum gear and bearing support
Double reduction ratios: 6:1 through 40:1 (nominal)
Permanently lubricated
Dimensionally interchangeable with major brands

Category: Gear Drives & Speed Reducers
Family: Mina-Gear™ Drives
Model: 2212

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Part Number Ratio Style Gear Type Frame Size Output Diameter Product Type Product Line Input Type Input Diameter Output Type
50-5000796 5.989:1 STD H & S 56C 0.750 Parallel Mina-Gear MOTOR FRAME 0.626 SHAFT
50-5000797 10.780:1
50-5000798 13.091:1
50-5000799 19.067:1
50-5000800 28.106:1
50-5000801 40.581:1

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