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Hub City Model 175M

Metric Bevel Gear Drive.
Metric mounting dimensions, hardware, bearings and seals.
Shaft mounted design for direct mounting on drive shaft of equipment to be driven.
Power ratings to 28 HP.
Rugged Cast Iron Housing designed to provide rigid gear and bearing support.
25mm diameter hollow output bore.
Spiral Bevel gearing to assure low noise level at higher operating speeds..
Available ratios: 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1 or 3:1 reduction.
Universal 4-bolt Mounting.
25mm diameter input shaft.

Category: Gear Drives & Speed Reducers
Family: Bevel Gear Drives
Model: 175M

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Part Number Ratio Style Gear Type Output Diameter Product Type Product Line Input Type Input Diameter Output Type
0220-74396 1:1 A,B SP 25 MM Right Angle Metric Bevel Gear Drives SHAFT 25 MM HOLLOW BORE
0220-74400 1:1 GG
0220-74397 1.50:1 A,B
0220-74401 1.50:1 GG
0220-74398 2:1 A,B
0220-74402 2:1 GG
0220-74399 3:1 A,B
0220-74403 3:1 GG

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